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Welcome to Copenhagen Therapy

Life can get better. That much I know.

If you want to overcome your anxiety, depression or stress - or if you are in an unhealthy or toxic relationship, I am here to help.

I created Copenhagen Therapy so that I can pass on the knowledge, experience and psychotherapeutic strategies that I have learned the hard way - so you don’t have to.

Living with stress, depression, anxiety or in a relationship that is draining you, is devastating for your health and your life in general. It is as simple as that.

I know things can get better and I'm passionate about guiding and supporting those who are ready.

This is why I became a psychotherapist because life can be better - and that goes for you too.

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Brigitte Escobar Andersen

Licensed Psychotherapist & MA

I am a licensed organic psychotherapist from the Academy of Psychotherapy with additional training in a number of different fields.

In therapy, I choose the methodology that will benefit my client based on the various areas of expertise that I have acquired since I started my education in 2002. If you choose to try therapy with me, you can expect our sessions to include techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, Existential Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Mindfulness - all depending on you and your needs.

I may suggest some light ‘homework’ tasks to do in between sessions, so that you are able to continue the therapeutic process in the time between our appointments.

As all people are unique, I make sure to adapt the therapy to suit your specific needs and problems.

I offer psychotherapy on Amager (Copenhagen S) or online using a gdpr secure video conference system.

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About Brigitte

I am a certified Organic Psychotherapist (MPF), specializing in narcissism and personal development.

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