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"Working with Brigitte has been a truly wonderful experience. I really feel understood, heard and genuinely cared for. She listens with intent and does not make any rash assumptions. She is very kind, gentle and extremely pleasant to work with. Brigitte has a calming presence that is very soothing for me. I always feel relieved, calmer and much more grounded and accepting after our sessions. She has a few different methods of working and uses a combination of them, but is never forceful with pushing a method if you feel uncomfortable doing something. I really enjoy my sessions with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist who is kind, intelligent, and specializes in trauma/anxiety/narcissism."


"Brigitte immediately put me at ease and guided me through the exercises calmly and clearly. After each exercise session I could feel my anxiety lessening and at the end I felt completely relaxed. Only one word to say and that is AMAZING. I absolutely recommend Brigitte to anyone who has a problem which they would like to resolve."

-Janet Thompson, United Kingdom

"it has been unbelievably great to talk to you. I wish you all the best and thank you so much for being in the world"

-Jasmin G

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I am a certified Organic Psychotherapist (MPF), specializing in narcissism and personal development.

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