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Let us sit down together and allow time and space for whatever you are feeling.

In the same way as we can all feel pain in different parts of the body, so too does our relationships, thoughts and feelings cause us pain - However, when it is the 'emotional body' that is aching, it can be much harder to know what the problem is and what to do about it. This is what a psychotherapist is trained to help you do.

Psychotherapy is a journey of discovery.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to aid you, when you are dealing with difficult emotions or are in difficult life circumstances.

Working with a psychotherapist will make you better at noticing and dealing with your difficult emotions. You gain greater emotional flexibility, which in turn helps you create the setting for your life that is best for the unique person you are.

A therapist cannot take the pain away from you, but you will be guided towards becoming better at helping yourself. She does this by asking questions, focusing on areas in your life where you have unconscious patterns, that are hindering you. When you become clear about what you want and need, you automatically increase your ability to choose and act the way that the most beneficial for you.

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