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I invite you to contact me for a free 15 minutes initial phone consultation or to ask any questions you may have about the counseling and psychotherapy services I offer.

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In order to book at time, please contact me through the link below:

Once we have agreed on a suitable time, I will send you a confirmation and an invitation to meet up on a 100% GDPR secure video conference system.

Price and payment

Cancellation policy

Price for a 60 min online psychotherapy session is 650 DKK / 87 € / 77 pound sterling

I ask that the payment is done before we meet, so that we don't have to spend time on that in our meeting.

Payments are made via:

  1. mobilepay to 27971241


  1. by paypal to

For online sessions I ask for the amount to be paid before the start of the session.

Cancellations: Since the scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of time set aside especially for you, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment. If for any reason a session is canceled less than 24 hours prior, the full fee will be charged. You may also inquire whether there is an option to meet virtually if you’re unable to attand an in-person session.

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I am a certified Organic Psychotherapist (MPF), specializing in narcissism and personal development.

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