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Welcome to the 'About Me' page

Hi, I'm Brigitte Escobar

If you have found this site, there is a good chance that you are considering therapy as an option. I believe you are reading this because you want to make positive changes in your life and you are ready to go.

There is a lot of research that looks at what makes therapy most effective. The overwhelming result is that therapy is best, when the client feels understood and supported by their therapist. Therefore, I hope you will give yourself some time to get an impression of your therapist before planning your first appointment.

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A bit about me

Born 1968. I have an international background and besides my life in Denmark, I have lived and worked for 12 years as a jazz singer in the UK and spent 8 of my childhood years in Spain. I speak all three languages ​​fluently.

I have always been passionate about supporting people emotionally and I have worked with people my entire life. Firstly as a singer and voice coach /teacher and now as a psychotherapist working for TUBA (Therapy and counseling for children of alcoholics) and Livslinien (suicide prevention), as well as in my own practice.

My therapeutic style has been created from the education and training courses, as well as many years of personal and professional experiences. However, what has always been most important to me is that the therapy room is a space where you can feel safe and feel accepted just as you are.

I myself have experienced how getting the support of a competent therapist has helped me out of a painful life into one I love.

That is why I became a psychotherapist. Because I know that life can get better. For you too.

Wishing you well
Brigitte Escobar


I am a member of the Danish Psychotherapist Association and follow the association's ethical rules and have complete secrecy.



  • Organic Psychotherapist from Akademiet for Psykoterapi.

  • Masters in English and music. Københavns Universitet.

  • Client-centered counsellor from North Trafford College (UK)

  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner (Level 1,2,3 and master). The Academy of Modern applied Psychology.

  • Certified CBT Practitioner. The Academy of Modern applied Psychology.

  • Certified clinical hypnotherapist from Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis.

  • Bachelor in business communication (English and Spanish). Copenhagen Business School.


  • Teaching, courses and lectures

  • Practicing psychotherapist with my own clinic since 2019

  • Psychotherapist at TUBA (Counselling for children of alcoholic parents) since 2019 (voluntary)

  • Grief group leader at Nefos (Counselling for people affected by suicide) 2016 - 2018 (voluntary)

  • Telephone counsellor, Livslinien (Danish suicide prevention line) since 2018 (voluntary)


  • Meditation

  • Reiki Master

  • Mindfulness

  • Family structure and relations

  • Thought field therapy

  • 1 year supplementary psychotherapeutic training: Trauma and the Body from Academy Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Therapy

CVR: 41425067

I offer private consultations online.

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About Brigitte

I am a certified Organic Psychotherapist (MPF), specializing in narcissism and personal development.

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