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Are you a frog?


The fable of the boiling frog, tells us about a frog that gets so used to the water getting warmer, that it ends up being boiled alive.

If you imagine that a frog is dropped into boiling water, it stands to reason that it will immediately do its best to jump out. However, if the frog is placed in lukewarm water that is gradually heated, it may not discover the danger until too late, and it is boiled alive.

The same situation arises when you continue to maintain a relationship that is toxic for you.

Ask yourself: Are you in a relationship that damages you?

A person’s behaviour can be described as toxic when the way they behave towards us, makes us anxious, insecure, scared or weakens us in some way. It is difficult to define exactly how this happens, because we are dealing with a subjective experience. However, you may be in a toxic relationship if you find that, (when you are in contact with the person in question) you start to doubt your own sense of reality, that your feelings are being ridiculed or ignored, or that you have become so used to scornful, condescending or hurtful comments, that you no longer notice or care. Like the frog, you have become used to an environment that will damage you.

Don't be a frog, get the help you need to get out.

Wishing you well

Brigitte Escobar Psychotherapist Mpf

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