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Therapy for expats in Denmark


Dealing with the challenges of relocation to Denmark.

Being an expat can be hard, whether you have moved abroad for work, love or any other reason.

Moving to another country comes with its own set of issues and difficulties which, if not fully dealt with, can often affect your mental well-being. The emotional challenges of being an expat can provoke unexpected feelings of loneliness, anxiety and sadness. On top of this there is a wide variety of issues such as dealing with official paperwork, cultural differences and your own high expectations and wishes to perform well – all of which may increase your feelings of stress and pressure. Furthermore, the language and cultural barrier make it hard to develop a social network, and may make you feel uncomfortable in social situations.

Perhaps you are the non-working expat partner, which also adds to additional mental stress. If you have relocated with or for your partner and do not have a job to attend to, you will have the additional challenges of dealing with isolation and of creating a good structure for your day. It is challenging to be the non-working partner and having to build a new life from scratch; creating new friendships, routines and activities that can help you feel fulfilled in a foreign country.

If you would like to talk to a therapist with personal experience in this field, I can offer you time and space where we can explore how you can regain your balance and strength in times when you feel unsettled and displaced, and are finding it difficult to cope.

Wishing you well, Brigitte from

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