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Stress has now become one of the most common health problems.

We all have the ability to tolerate small amounts of stress in our lives, however, the every-day, long-standing stressors that many of us live with today can be very detrimental to our health if we are unable to handle them efficiently.

Stress affects all organs in the body. This is because stress is created to be a mechanism that gets you out of immidiate danger. It worked brilliantly for us when we lived in more primitive times, it is designed to activate us to run away from the predators or other types of danger.

Unfortunately however, our nervous system is not created for the overwhelming amount of stressors that many of us are exposed to in modern day. Many of us live surrounded by stressful sounds, messages, news, demands and other problems for most of the day, every day. Now, this is a types of danger that we cannot run away from. We are simply not biologically equiped to deal with this type of long-term stress.

Apart from the many psychological problems, that come with stress, exposure to this type of stressors will negatively affect your psysical health as well.

A very large part of the most common diseases we see today are related to stress: diabetes, your skin, your immune system, headaches, muscle tension, high blood pressure and your digestion.

Stress has a negative impact on everything in your life:

  • Your relationships

  • Your ability to focus

  • Your ability to experience ease and joy

  • Your ability to be present in the moment

  • Your ability to work diminishes or disappears completely

  • You get irritable

  • Your risk of getting anxiety attacks increases

  • Your risk of having a depression increases

  • Your sleep is compromised


Psychotherapy can help you deal with the root causes of your stress. Maybe it is work, family or something in your past that is at the root of your stress today.

Together, we will investigate the underlying causes of your stress.

  • We will examine the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that contribute to your stress

  • You will become better at understanding yourself by discovering what triggers your stress

  • You get get tailor-made strategies for how to deal with stressful situations

  • You will become better at dealing with your stressors and better able to choose how you react to them

  • The techniques and strategies we work with, will be useful and effective for you long after our sessions have ceased

Contact me now to book your initial consultation. I look forward to supporting you.

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